Should all cows be given names?

cowI tweet. Not often, I admit, but  I do tweet random comments and my blog is publicised through Twitter as well as through my website and LinkedIn. I read tweets more than I tweet myself. I often retweet and recently I even started replying to tweets or even tweeting people directly – I’m in awe of my technical ability. But enough of this; on to the point of this blog.

Today I found a tweet from the excellent staff at QI (UK TV show for those who don’t know), The QI Elves (@qikipedia). They have access to an inordinate amount of random facts that really are quite interesting which they share. Here’s one of today’s facts:

“Cows with names produce more milk than cows that don’t have names”

and because my brain tends to work this way, it made me think.

How well does anyone work where they feel they are just one of many and their efforts aren’t appreciated?  In some companies I’ve worked in there’s been regular comments from people who have said they don’t try hard because no-one notices them or the work they do, why should they bother? And equally members of management who are all too quick at taking the credit for the effort and ideas put forward by others, but are then surprised because “no-one tries any more”.

In the world of sales, bids and proposals, how good can your documentation, presentations etc really be if you don’t know who you are talking to? There are many who have written on this subject, but I don’t mind that I’m just reinforcing old messages because still it’s all too true. If you and your efforts aren’t appreciated you are less likely to put your all into any project or activity. If you don’t know who you are selling to and what is important to them how can you put forward proposition that meet their individual needs?.

Obviously to cows it’s important to have a name,  what’s important to your  staff and your contacts?

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