finding the cat

black cat on black backgroundThis is one of my favourite pictures of the moment. It reminds me of the old saying “who can find the black cat in the darkened room without the light”. In a picture like this you can, because of the depth of expression, the excellent photography and the beautiful subject – and because the person who took the photograph wants you the see the cat.

My question to you all today is this: how do you help people find your black cat? or, not to put too fine a point on it, “how do you help your clients find the excellence of your solution, product and service when you put together a bid or proposal for them?

It’s important to recognise that in these days of instant messaging, 10 second sound bites and channel hopping during advert breaks, that everyone needs to help their readers find the information that you want them to remember. You cannot rely on your clients remembering what you said to them a couple of weeks ago when you met to discuss a potential opportunity. You cannot just hope that the client will find all the information they need in your documents. If you are the incumbent service provider or product supplier, if you don’t remind them of all the (hopefully) excellent service or products you provide you only have yourself to blame if they chose someone else who tells them how good they are in providing them in a competitive situation.

It sounds so easy to say and many will say it’s so difficult to do – but is it? Surely taking a little time to plan what you want your clients to remember so that you can win is well worth the effort it takes because the reward is the business you gain. And to be honest it’s not difficult if you plan to do it right, you just have to make the time.

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