does the weather affects your use of words?

With high summer returning today in the south of the UK, for some reason I started thinking about how the weather affects people’s vocabulary, thought processes and general demeanour. I’m sure we’re all aware that cold can have a direct effect on brain function and the speed at which we can complete tasks, as can extremes of heat. But as the weather improves does our use of words become freer, do we become laconic, lugubrious or laid back? Are we energised or enervated? Do we care or are we careworn? I think the answer comes in the catch-all of “it depends” and there are more factors to take into consideration than the weather….thank goodness.

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Using Facebook for inspiration…..really?

I’ve always thought of Facebook as an excellent means of communicating with friends and family, sharing just enough information to show an interest but being able to withdraw whenever things get too much. Never in my wildest imaginings did I think that I would find it an inspiration for discussions in my business life…..shows how much I know!

avoiding spelling 

I spend a lot of time helping teams and individuals put together compelling arguments for documents and presentations to their clients. This picture made me realise how often this kind of situation occurs. If you are proud of your spelling ability, think how often you do this because “someone” may not know the true meaning of the word you are using…….and how often is that person you?


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